Aventura Eastern Massage Techniques

Aventura Eastern Massage Techniques

Eastern massage therapy techniques offer a healing approach that is rooted in energy balancing within the body as opposed to Western therapeutic massage which primarily focuses on the physical source of an ailment. With a long history that has developed over thousands of years, Eastern massage techniques still consider the physical aspects of a condition, but primarily as they relate to the subtle life force energy that moves through the human body. Health & Energy offers a range of Eastern based massage therapy services to the people of Aventura.

Hot Stone Massage

Consult with experienced Health & Energy professionals to determine the most effective treatment for your specific needs.

Heat is an excellent resource when attempting to heal sore and fatigued muscle tissue. That is one of the reasons why saunas and hot tubs are popular ways to relax.

With this relaxing technique heat is transferred to the body using specialized polished stones which are placed at key points on the body. Heat makes the muscles expand and become more pliable, allowing a professional therapist to get deep into the tissue to remove knots and eliminate tension.

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